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A Letter to Rabbi Chaya from Rabbi Me'Irah

08/18/2023 10:17:22 AM


Rabbi Me'irah

This letter was originally read at our Rabbi Chaya Farewell Shabbat Service on 8/18/23

Dear Chaya,

You know that I know how difficult it is to enter a position as congregational rabbi. You are expected to live up to all the fantasies each congregant has of their ideal rabbi. You must be intelligent, a good sermon writer, compassionate and approachable. You must be wise, yet humble; a moral paragon, with good stage presence for leading services. You must be patient, spiritual, visionary— yet down-to-earth, a champion of social justice. You must have tact.

Chaya, you led us in safety over a rickety bridge to a new place we could not yet envision. You held us gently, but securely. You were dependable. You let us be Reconstructionists, and championed Reconstructionism when you yourself are Renewal. You have been all of these things. And you were always crystal clear of your role as the interim rabbi; such a delicate role of holding and letting go. Oh Chaya, since I am out of words, I think I just need to sing.

May you be blessed as you go on your way

May you be guided in peace

May you be blessed with health and joy

May this be your blessing,


May you be sheltered by the wings of peace

May you be kept in safety and in love

Your grace and compassion found their way into our souls

In this way, you blessed us,


—Rabbi Me'irah

Sat, July 20 2024 14 Tammuz 5784