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The Jewish Art of re-telling the story of the miracle of Passover

04/25/2024 09:39:40 AM


Rabbi Me'irah Iliinsky

How fortunate we are to have 8 days in which to immerse ourselves in the recounting of the miraculous unfolding of the Passover story. It was an event that so blew our ancestors’ minds, that it galvanized a people, and made them determined that the story would not be lost to future generations. And we can participate in a seder every night! Scroll down for a video of an art-filled, musical Pesach seder.

While most folks will attend a Pesach seder the first two nights of the 8 days of Pesach, some, for various reasons, may not get to go to any seder at all. Such was the situation in 2020, with the emergence of the Covid epidemic. At that time, I, together with my musical cousin, professional cantorial soloist, Cindy Paley, and our friend Asaf Ophir, created the following hour long seder for all of us shut-ins. Asaph did all the amazing technical work, I did the artwork, and the two of them did the music, along with a gorgeous opening recording by Ann Brown, who happens to be Rabbi Chaya’s cousin!

Rabbi Me'irah

Sat, July 20 2024 14 Tammuz 5784