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Thank You Blessing

05/15/2024 03:34:07 PM


Rabbi Me'irah Iliinsky

Did you know that in our tradition, saying a ‘thank you’ blessing AFTER you eat a meal is even MORE important than saying one before eating? Can you guess why?

Answer: When you’re hungry, of course you are grateful for the food placed in front of you! Ah, but when you are satisfied, and your tummy is full, then, your thanks is even more meaningful…We, of a certain financial grounding, in a country with a lot of freedom; we are living a life of well being compared to so many places in the world. It is easy for us to take for granted all these blessings. So there is a special joy of remembering and singing our thanks together with Birkat haMazon, the blessing AFTER the meal. And guess what? There are a whole host of Shabbat table songs that can be sung, late into the evening! (Not recommended at Noe Valley, as staff needs to go home!) SJLA will offer a class in these songs in the Spring. 

Until then, join in with this special, simple after dinner blessing at our Friday nights together. Listen to a recording of the blessing below

Words (in Aramaic!):

Brich Rachamana, Malka dey alma, marei d’hai pita.
Blessed is the Compassionate One, Sovereign of the world, Maker of this food (bread)

Sat, July 20 2024 14 Tammuz 5784