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All About Trop (Torah Reading)

05/29/2024 10:43:20 AM


Rabbi Me'irah Illinsky

Continued from newsletter:

I will be giving a general informational workshop All About Trop (Torah Reading) at the Or Shalom Retreat.
This will not be a teaching of “how to,” but rather we will explore various aspects of Torah chanting and its history: some melodies from our Ashkenazi tradition and which specific punctuation they signify: periods, exclamation marks, semi-colons. We will read a first hand account of the moment that readin the Torah scroll changed from an activity Levites did in the Temple, to when it was democratized, and taken to the market place. We will see a set of original drawings showing the hand signals for the trop melodies, an ancient practice to aid the chanter. It will be a truly fascinating and inspirational session on this very special, unique, Jewish-Living art. 


Rabbi Me'irah

Sat, July 20 2024 14 Tammuz 5784